Real Food for Real People...

Real Food for Real People...

One of my biggest passions, and the driving force behind much of what I do with Sweetpea Cuisine, is to inspire people to cook. Now cooking has taken on a whole new meaning in the last decade or so with the rise of the celebrity chef and the TV cooking show. I think some people now think that cooking is all about foams, jus (pronounced "Shjoo"), sous vide and plating up in a panic. To me, cooking is not about any of those things. It's about lovely fresh ingredients and a few clever shortcuts put together without too much fuss to create something that tastes delicious and makes you feel happy. It's about sitting down with people you love and sharing a homemade bite that brings a smile to your dial. In my opinion anyone can "cook". Yes, it might take a bit of practice and experience to get the basics down pat but it's something everyone can learn to do. And when you take the time to learn it can truly change your life!

Looking ahead I want to share lots of my own recipes and the way that I plan my meals and get things organised in my kitchen. I hate to think that people aren't cooking because they think they don't have time or they can't be bothered. With a little bit of weekly effort it's really not hard to put some yummy, homemade meals on the dinner table. My plan is to give you all a plan to follow that will get your kitchen humming along nicely. It's all in the organisation or as the chefs say the "miss en place". I hope this will include website content, podcasts, videos and recipes so stay tuned for the evolution of my vision.

In the meantime, if you need some inspiration to get you cooking in a real sense why not try a cooking class? I love running my Market 2 Table cooking classes at South Melbourne Market. These classes are relatively inexpensive and let me bring my cooking philosophy to real people who want to cook real food. They cover a range of topics and food types. For more information you can check out the schedule and book here.

And just to whet your appetite for real food a little more, here are a couple of recipes that I have created especially for my clients that you might like to try. Both of these chicken based recipes embody my real food for real people message so give them a go and see what you think. A big shout out to Trudy Schuringa Photography for the images here too which were styled by me.


BBQ Chicken Souvlaki (for Newmarket Village)

Looking forward to sharing some more Sweetpea love with you all soon.

Stay sweet!

Sally @ Sweetpea Cuisine. x


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