Food Photography - What Really Happens....

Food Photography - What Really Happens....

Last week I had the pleasure of doing one of my favourite foodie consultant things.....working on a food styling and food photography project.

Often I am involved in the process from the concept, all the way through to the finished images, including coming up with the recipe idea, creating and testing the recipes, developing the styling look and feel, sourcing the props and styling the shots with the food on the day. This time, I was asked to just "rock up" and look after the food production so that everything looked gorgeously, delicious in the shots.

On a shoot for a client who manufactures packaging for some big food producers and retailers, it would be easy to think that the shots might be a little dull. I mean, imagine taking photos of packets and trying to make it look interesting! But, I am happy to say that it was an awesome shoot, working alongside some fellow creative folk and a very positive and passionate client.

I cannot wait to see the images after the post production has been done! We ticked off soup, steak, salmon, lamb racks, berries and so much more. We wrangled ingredients and problem solved our way through. When the canned soup was looking a little too much like vomit, we dug up a food processor to create a silky smooth bowl of what looked like yum (but definitely wasn't)! When we didn't have enough we filled the bottom of the bowl with another bowl to make it look full.  When I mistakenly opened all the steak from their packages and then realised we needed a packaged steak for the shot, the client happily went to the local supermarket and bought another. When the beans looked a little worse for wear, we blanched and ice bathed and painted them with oil.

It certainly was a case of team work making the dream work. 

Being behind the scenes on shoots like these is certainly not a walk in the park. You are on your feet for what is a full on, and very long, day. You are under pressure to get results. You have to get your steak cooked to perfection so that it looks just right. Your berries have to stay looking glossy and plump for eternity, even under hot lights, and heaven forbid your porridge looks stodgy. There is always creative use of bluetack, toilet paper and oil and you are constantly thinking 10 steps ahead. But I love it! And I was so lucky to work on this project with an amazing team! I'll keep you posted when the pics are published.

In the meantime here are a couple of happy snaps (btw don't ever say that to a professional photographer!) from the day!

food production for the shoot

Stay sweet!

Sally. x

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